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FARO Scan Localizer

Complete Mapping and Registration Solution


The FARO Scan Localizer is a state-of-the-art scanning accessory that streamlines the registration process on-site increasing substantially productivity in complex planning projects.

The FARO Scan Localizer combines information of multiple sensors and software algorithms to determine the exact position of the laser scanner inside buildings. It allows the as-built capturing for BIM (Building Information Modelling) related applications with unmatched speed, confidence and quality.



Introductory Tutorial




  • Real-time positioning of the FARO Laser Scanner in indoor environments
  • Provides reliable positioning of 3D scans before leaving the job site by generating a 2D map of the environment as the laser scanner is moved among multiple locations
  • Seamlessly integrates with any FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner that has built-in WLAN capabilities and directly exports scans into FARO SCENE software.
  • Battery Powered: Up to 3 hours in the field without recharging.
  • Extra portable: 6 kg, 31cm high with a rugged transportation trolley that also serves as a carrier for the Focus3D Laser Scanner.


As-Built capturing (BIM related)
Layout planning
Asset management

Click here to download Scan Localizer Techsheet