FARO Scanner Freestyle 2

The most portable and efficient 3D scanner


The FARO® Freestyle 2 is a superior handheld 3D scanner designed for investigators and reconstructionists who require quick and easy complete scene documentation.

With Freestyle 2, one-hand operation means that even the most hard-to-reach locations inside and outside can now be scanned. And, as the fastest portable 3D scanner on the market, scans can be completed in record time.

Unmatched photorealism delivers high-quality, colored, 3D data with up to 0.5mm accuracy.

A high degree of flexibility, allows operators to scan anywhere in most conditions.











  • Captured 3D Points starts at 0.4m, can be set to a maximum of 10m
  • Get high-quality, colored, 3D data with up to 0.5mm accuracy
  • Designed for normally illuminated interiors and outdoors, including in overcast conditions and usable data in complete darkness
  • Lightweight with no bulky tablet/computer or long cables
  • Self-contained unit gives the freedom to scan around objects or inside spaces
  • Scan scenes and objects without data voids in minutes
  • Captures data easily and in more detail in less time with photorealistic results
  • Easy-to-learn & easy-to-use with modern user interface, proprietary tracking algorithms, integrated video tutorials


Architecture & Interior design
Measurements of complex structures and objects
Restoration & 3D Modelling
Reverse engineering & area construction progress monitoring
Construction & Facility Management
Documentation and planning of structural alterations
Crime scenes investigation & analysis and digital proof collection


Click here to download FARO Freestyle 2 Techsheet


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