Capture, analyze, and deliver the evidence;

Revolutionary solutions to deliver impactful courtroom materials. Investigators and forensic experts around the world trust FARO solutions to document the evidence at crime, crash, and fire scenes.


Capture the scene There is never any doubt of missing critical evidence with a FARO 3D Laser Scanner because the entire scene is captured. Use laser scanning to capture millions of data points (called a 3D point cloud) at the scene or in the lab. This point cloud provides an accurate 3D representation of the evidence such as blood spatter, artifacts, skid marks, vehicle positions or charring patterns. Document all evidence in half the time it takes with traditional methods.

Analyse the dataTake the scan data back to your office for analysis, days, weeks or even years later. Use the 3D point cloud to measure locations accurately, evaluate points of view, and create what-if scenarios. Use FARO software to quickly create diagrams and realistic animations to document your case.

Deliver the evidence Use FARO software to create accurate 2D and 3D diagrams, animations, and walk-throughs of the scene. Turn your results into presentations that can be delivered as visually compelling testimony to use in court. Digitally walk the jury through the point cloud to see just how the scene looked when it was scanned.


Capture crime scenes with FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Laser Scanner

FARO Zone 3D - Software feature overview


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