FARO Scanner Freestyle3D

The new FARO Scanner Freestyle3D, a handheld scanner for professionals


The FARO Freestyle3D is a top-quality high-precision handheld 3D scanner. It quickly and reliably documents rooms, structures and objects in 3D and creates high-definition pointclouds.

With unbeatable precision it is suitable for all applications in which installations or properties must be quickly measured from various perspectives.

The applications areas of the FARO Freestyle3D are diverse and range from construction to industrial production and forensics. Thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre body, the handheld scanner weighs less than a kilogramme and is therefore extremely portable and mobile. The tablet PC provides intuitive user guidance, even for inexperienced operators.


FARO Freestyle 3D

Forensic Investigation


Forensic Reconstruction

Stair Lift




  • Up to 8m³ indoor scanning volume
  • Flexibility to work without artificial targets
  • Best ROI on the market
  • Seamless integration with Focus3D laser scan data
  • FARO certified accuracy
  • Easy to use scanning software
  • No extra power supply required


Quickly identify deviations from nominal CAD data with 3D metrology
Accident Reconstruction
Capture measurements quickly, do inspections and ensure proper tolerances
Civil Engineering
Ensure first article parts meet design specifications and tolerances
Crime Scene
Inspect parts in-process, directly on or produce them directly at the machine
Industrial Manufacturing


Click here to download FARO Freestyle 3D Techsheet