FARO Focus Swift

The first fully integrated indoor 3D mobile mapping solution - ensure the fastest and most accurate scans.

The Focus Swift is  designed to accomplish large-area, as-built capturing tasks with minimal time and effort. It is an innovative product that delivers better data faster, and provides the most accurate measurements wherever needed.

Depending on accuracy requirements, the FARO Focus Swift is capable of taking mobile scans of large complex areas up to 10 times faster than traditional static scans. Users can also directly import into any CAD system with 3D point cloud capabilities while simplifying their modeling with automated processes and optimizing their scan to BIM workflow.

Lightweight and portable, Swift is ideal for indoor scans of factories, office buildings, hospitals, and retail shops. Its intuitive, easy-to-use functionality combines the best of a FARO Focus Laser Scanner with FARO’s ScanPlan 2D mapper and revolutionary SCENE mobile laser scanning software.

The device’s simple push operation and comfortable handles, along with continuous cable-free operation without external power, means that operators can work faster and smarter while delivering better quality scans and enjoy a significant reduction in on-scene and processing time.

Compact for transport and crafted to fit in only two carry-on sized cases, the carbon fiber tripod and three-wheeled vehicle that accompany Swift can be easily folded for travel. Additionally, its user interface is compatible to run on any mobile phone, so operators have real-time awareness of how much of a job has been completed.


FARO Swift - Connecting the Laser Scanning and the Scan Plan

FARO Swift Demo




  • Lightweight and Mobile 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs.)
  • Multiple-Software Compatibility
  • Simplifies modeling workflow with automated processes, optimiing scan to BIM workflow
  • Speed vs. Accuracy: As-built capturing jobs that would require, one hour or more with stationary 3D laser scans could be accomplished in about six minutes with Swift
  • Scans up to 1 million points per second (mobile) and 2 million (stationary)
  • Provides 3D accuracy from 2 mm to 10 mm
  • Wide Operating Temperatures (5C to 40C)
  • Continuous cable-free operation without external power
  • Enhanced Battery Operation (Two hours on a 14.4v internal battery, with the option of additional battery packs)


Factories & Warehouses
Office Buildings
Retail Shops & Malls

Click here to download FARO Swift Techsheet

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