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FARO Zone 3D

Move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments to enhance the quality of incident reconstructions, analysis, pre-incident plans, and courtroom presentations


FARO Zone 3D is an ideal solution for professionals in law enforcement, forensic investigation, the fire service, security, insurance, and fire protection engineering. Now, everyone can produce stunning visuals with precise 2D and 3D diagrams, accurate analysis, and compelling animations and videos.

Users of FARO Zone 3D can walk through a scene, analyse events leading up to the event in question, and even create fully animated VR reconstructions to see how the incident happened. New animations for smoke, fire and explosions have been added for additional impact and realism, with the resulting re-creations able to be captured for a presentation in a courtroom or classroom.

FARO Zone 3D allows for users to capture certain VR recreations to act as training scenarios for future trainees. There are also smart tools available for analysts, such as the Blood Spatter Analysis tool, which automatically outlines blood droplets and created lines of trajectory. Similarly, the Bullt Trajectory tool can create similar visual demonstrations, and generate reports suitable for presentation in courtrooms.

Share and collaborate worldwide anytime, anywhere with SCENE WebShare Cloud – a hosted web-based service from FARO for easy and secure sharing of scan project data.


Zone 3D - Body Motion Overview




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