Quantum Systems Trinity F90+ VTOL

Portable and affordable


The first version of the Trinity in 2017, provided the basis for a highly efficient and at the same time affordable VTOL UAV without compromising on features.

The Trinity F90+ leverages this platform and improves many aspects to offer professional users even more functionality at an unbeatable price.

The three-rotor configuration enables the Trinity F90+ to achieve perfect electric VTOL capabilities and a high-efficient long range flight. The perfect weight balance keeps the rear rotor in the ideal thrust-to-size ratio in both VTOL and forward flight modes.

A new motor design provides even more reserves for difficult conditions. The Trinity F90+ uses less energy, achieves longer flight times and delivers outstanding value for a professional drone.

Whether deplyed in in the agricultural sector, mining or inspecting industrial plants and construction progress, more data can be recorded in a very short time than it was previously possible with conventional systems.

The Trinity F90+ demonstrates its range advantage in comparison to classic multicopters and other fixed-wing drones due to the longer flight time and covers up to 20x larger areas. The larger the area to be covered, the more attractive the use of the Trinity F90+ will be.

Trinity F90+ Payloads:
Quantum Systems offers a variety of payload options for the Trinity F90+, depending on the application. The entire range is characterised by the fact that they can be changed in a snap. True plug & play within seconds!
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Quantum Systems Trinity F9 Tron F9

Qube 240 LiDAR Scanner for Trinity F90+

LiDAR Scanning in Ghana

Trinity F90+ UAV improve Oktoberfest safety



  • PPK including Quantum-System iBase Ground Reference Station powered by u-blox
  • RGB & multispectral (dual) payload options
  • Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations
  • Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) & QBase Mission Planning
  • 2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7.5 km range
  • Optional ADS-B Mode-S out
  • Wingspan: 2.394m
  • Max Take-off weight:5.0kg
  • Max. flight time: 60 / 90 min *
  • Max. Range (Area): 62 km = 435ha / 100 km = 700 ha*
  • Command and Control Range: 5 – 7.5 km under optimal conditions
  • Cruise Speed:17 m/s
  • Wind Tolerance (ground wind): up to 9 m/s
  • Wind Tolerance (in cruise flight): up to up to 12m/s

*Subject to export regulation, may require export permission.


Mining / quarry survey
Site survey
Stockpile management
Disaster Management


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