Quantum Systems Trinity F9 VTOL

Portable and affordable


The Trinity F9 is a complete new UAV solution designed by Quantum Systems for professionals and industrial applications. With easy and safe handling, longest flight-time in its class, reliable and integrated design, and small footprint, Trinity F9 is the world’s most compact VTOL fixed-wing drone available today.

In addition, improved specifications such as PPK, live air traffic (ADS-B) and collision lights combined with an unrivaled price make the Trinity F9 the most attractive bundle on the current UAV market.


Quantum Systems Trinity F9 & Tron F9

Trinity VTOL mapping oak woodlands in California



  • PPK(Including Quantum-PPK iBase Station):
    Allows you to reduce typical GNSS geotagging errors of several meters down to 2 – 5 cm via auxiliary GNSS data collection in flight. Better accuracy with dramatically reduced additional costs!
  • Live-Air-Traffic: Automatically integrate Live-Air-Traffic-Info into QBase when the pingUSB dongle is connected. This solution is the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable USB dual-band ADS-B receiver. The pingUSB provides high-quality tracking data for use with software such as Virtual Radar Server and services including ADS-B Exchange.
  • Anti-Collision-Lights: Integrated flashing anti-collision and position lights.
  • iBase - Ground Reference Station: an entry level GNSS reference station. It automatically logs GNSS reference measurements on the ground to a file on a micro SD card. This file enables QBase3D to do PPK processing of the data collected in flight, to reach the data geotagging relative precision of down to 2-5 cm (in respect to the point where the iBase antenna is placed).
  • The Trinity Lock Mechanism (TLM) enables the operator to launch the whole system in a matter of seconds.
  • The three-rotor configuration enables it to achieve perfect VTOL capabilities and a highly efficient long-range flight.
  • A large payload bay offers enough space for two sensors. A Sony UMC-R10C and a Micasense Rededge is just one configuration. Other configurations can be installed according to the customer’s desired application.
  • The integrated sensors are shock and vibration protected, and the SD-cards are easily accessible from the outside. Both of them are powered by the Trinity’s battery. 
  • Wingspan: 2.394m
  • Max Take-off weight:4.5kg
  • Max. flight time: 60 minutes
  • Max. Range (Area): 70 km = 500ha
  • Command and Control Range: up to 2km
  • Cruise Speed:17 m/s
  • Wind Resistance (ground wind): up to 7m/s
  • Wind Resistance (in cruise flight): up to up to 12m/s


Mining / quarry survey
Site survey
Stockpile management
Disaster Management


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