The T300 Plus GNSS Receiver is a new generation RTK receiver featuring full-constellation tracking, tilt compensation, 4G/Wi-Fi connection, 8-GB internal memory and an easy survey workflow with Android-based Survey Master Software. It is designed to make collecting accurate data easy and fast, whether done by a beginner or experienced professional surveyor.


  • Full-constellation tracking. 572 channels tracking all working and planned GNSS constellations.
  • Tilt compensation. Up to 30° tilt compensation allows collection of highly accurate data faster in the field.
  • Adjustable TX & RX internal UHF. Integrated UHF ranges from 410 to 470 MHz with 12.5 KHz channel spacing.
  • Seamlessly works with networking RTK positioning. A built-in 4G modem ensures the T300 Plus works perfectly with all kinds of CORS worldwide


  • Hot swap consumer-grade battery. Two hot swap batteries enable fluent workflow in the field. Consumer-grade battery design, compatible with Cannon LP-E6, ensures easy replacement in local markets. 
  • WIFI connection. WebUI offers simple configuration, operation, status of the T300 Plus.
  • Smart-charging design. Use the T300 Plus as a battery charger so that you can charge the T300 Plus with a 12 VDC adaptor or a car battery.
  • USB mode. When connecting the T300 Plus to your PC, you simply copy the logged static data from the receiver to your PC.




Click here to download T300 Plus GNSS Surveying Solution Brochure


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