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Integrated measurement solutions, intuitive workflows and actionable data.


FARO CAM2®  Software is a powerful, intuitive and application focused 3D measurement platform, designed to enable users to efficiently fulfill their quality assurance and inspection tasks.

Whether you use a FaroArm, FARO ScanArm, FARO Laser Tracker or FARO Super 6Dof TrackArm, and regardless if it is for tactile measurement (probing) or non-contact 3D scanning applications, CAM2 enables maximum feature integration with your FARO hardware solution. It ensures that any operators can quickly and effectively accomplish their measurement tasks and capture actionable data through its intuitive user interface and image-guided workflows.

CAM2 has been developed to streamline industrial metrology applications such as dimensional controls, incoming and first article inspections, part-to-CAD comparisons, assemblies and repeat part measurements.

CAM2 not only allows you to improve and increase the efficiency of your measurement routines; it also provides an effective and smooth correlation between metrology (quality assurance) and production operations, offering a powerful tool to fully control and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Software Versions:
CAM2  – Full: A comprehensive version that provides full support to all FARO hardware devices and applications. Includes the complete capabilities of the Probing version and is particularly well-suited for non-contact 3D measurement applications when point cloud data may be required.
CAM2  – Probing: Intended for all contact measurement applications where point cloud data is not required.


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