Geodetic Photogrammetry

The V-STARS Series offers attractive and unique advantages over alternative 3D measurement techniques
Portable and highly accurate, the V-STARS range is available in single camera and multi-camera real-time measurement system configurations



In V-STARS S Mode, a single camera is used to record a set of images of a targeted object from multiple points of view. The 3D coordinates of the targeted feature points are then determined in an automatic operation which initially measures the points in the images and then recreates the geometry of the network of images and points that existed at the time of the photography.

S-mode is also termed off-line photogrammetry because the computation of 3D object point coordinates takes place only after all the images are recorded and loaded into the PC for processing by V-STARS.

The 3D measurement accuracy of current V-STARS S systems ranges from 10 µm + 10 µm/m to a maximum of 4 µm + 4 µm/m, the latter accuracy corresponding to 0.020mm @ 4m, 0.001” @ 200” or 1:200,000.

There are four S-Mode system configurations of V-STARS. All are highly portable and comprise a single high-resolution digital camera, a notebook computer, V-STARS software for automatic data processing, and accessories.



The V-STARS N series, which has three configurations for high-accuracy, high-flexibility and high-portability 3D coordinate measurement, offers an innovative, more affordable V-STAR S option. V-STARS N has three lightweight, ruggedized digital SLR camera options, with each of the cameras being especially customized for photogrammetric applications:

  • V-STARS N Platinum is the most accurate and versatile offering for high-precision industrial metrology
  • V-STARS N Gold offers accuracy and comprehensive measurement functionality at a reduced cost
  • V-STARS N Silver is a work-horse system for engineering and industrial measurement tasks with less demanding accuracy requirements

V-STARS N produces routine 3D measurement accuracy on a 4m object in the range of 1:80,000 (Silver) through 1:115,000 (Gold) to 1:160,000 (Platinum), with higher precision being possible. The N Series also exemplifies all of the inherent advantages of photogrammetry: it is non-contact, immune to vibration and movement, and supports fast on-site automatic data processing.

Along with the camera, the N system comprises a notebook computer, V-STARS software for automatic data processing, and accessories, all of which fits into two small cases that can travel as carry-on luggage.



V-STARS D is a remotely operated industrial photogrammetry camera that functions as an optical CMM, but is configured with multiple high-speed DynaMo cameras that support a measurement rate of 10 Hz. 

The system is very compact, incorporating a low visibility flash system, and has a wide field of view and large operating range.

Ideal for in-place, real-time operations where cameras are positioned within a fixed, measurement cell configuration for extended periods of time.

A two-camera V-STARS D5 system offers a measurement accuracy of 14µm + 14µm/m (1:60,000@4m, 0.07mm@4m or 0.0028”@160”) with either of the two DynaMo D5 lens options of Medium (58°x50°) and a Wide Angle (72°x62°).

A two-camera V-STARS D12 system offers a measurement accuracy of 10µm + 10µm/m (1:80,000@4m, 0.05mm@4m or 0.0020”@160”) with the DynaMo D12 wide angle lens options (72°x58°).

V-STARS D systems are ideal for in-place, real-time operation where cameras are positioned within a fixed, measurement cell configuration for extended periods of time. Thus the system is well suited to high-speed dynamic monitoring of object movement and deformation, as well as to repeat inspection within an assembly line environment.


V-STARS D with DynaMo Cameras

Drill & Ream Enhanced Accuracy


Picture Perfect Flanges

Combo Shot Video



  • High accuracy
  • Totally non-contact
  • Fast results - produce results on site within minutes of completing photography of the object
  • Flexibility - routinely used across a wide range of applications  
  • Portable
  • Minimal temperature effect
  • Immune to vibration 
  • Versatile in confined spaces  
  • High data rates  -   capable of measuring thousands of points in the same amount of time it takes to measure hundreds. 
  • Can operate in thermal vacuum environments
  • The PRO-SPOT target projection system enables the measurement of thousands of points on a surface without applying a single target.


Part Inspection
Surface Measurement
Reverse Engineering
Unstable Environments
Heavy Engineering
Component Alignment
Forensics & Heritage

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